Journeymanship in the Fremder Freiheitsschacht

„with due respect and favorable“ is the traditional salute of the journeyman. On the following pages the interested journeyman, will have the opportunity to inform himself about the traditional  journey travels within the „Fremder Freiheitsschacht“. As a sign of membership we  wear a red tie.
It is an honour to be able to go on this journey and one of the last liberties in modern day. Even though we stick to time-honoured traditions the journey is no relic from the old-times. Everything about the spirit of the journey can be read henceforth, but also we can be met in person. Once a month we meet in our “Bude” mostly a pub, to discuss current problems and share thoughts. 

Have fun while hiking on our website wishes the

Fremder Freiheitsschacht
Der Stenz vom Wandergesellen auf der Wanderschaft oder Walz
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